The Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) is a nation-wide campaign whereby blue- and white-collar workers from government bodies refuse to work under the military regime. Civil servants from States and Region Administrations as well as various Union Ministries including Health, Education, Electricity, Banking, and Construction have dedicated themselves to the CDM campaign. This does not come without a price since the military would go to extremes to maintain their power. Many involved in CDM are at risk of losing their jobs, income, and basic commodities. This is further exacerbated by the economic downturns of the COVID-19 pandemic which severely impacted the country's vulnerable communities.


With the civil workers at its core, the CDM campaign consists of a variety of political, economic, and social activities. Myanmar people at home and abroad have taken to the streets in mass demonstrations, protesting peacefully against the military government. The rallies unanimously denounce the legitimacy of the military takeover and call for the immediate release of detained leaders. Other forms of resistance from poster campaigns and virtual demonstrations to boycotting military-owned businesses have also emerged. Meanwhile, people are initiating 'social punishment' campaigns in which those who aspire the military rule are publicly shamed.


We hereby would like to ask for your support in sustaining this momentum by the Myanmar people. The majority of your contributions will go to various charities supporting the CDM, their respective information and beneficiaries are as follows. Proceeds will also be distributed among smaller local charities that are helping Myanmar’s poor and working-class communities that have been hit hardest by COVID and the current political situation. Proceeds will also go to activists on the ground working to further the democratic movement.